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Amazon FBA Fulfilment By Amazon

Hello friends, in today’s post we will tell you what is Amazon FBA? Amazon is a big company like Draz, Alibaba, or Ali Express where people order things from home, understand that this is an online store where we place an order for online shopping through the internet. Then those companies deliver to us in a few days the home delivery service that the product was ordered by us with some service charges.

The FBA stands for Fulfilled by Amazon. Amazon is not necessarily selling its own products, it has sellers from different countries who have opened their shops on the Amazon platform.

Before today, Pakistanis could not create a direct seller account on Amazon. What he used to do was set up his company in the United Kingdom as a Pakistani with the help of business people or through another company with a credit card for Rs. 4,000 in just 5 minutes.

The same company also opened bank accounts in the UK. For this account, they had to submit a maximum of one passport and an attested copy of any utility bill such as electricity, gas, or telephone bill. Amazon people would then check your documents and after 60 to 70 days of verification, your Amazon account would be opened. The company was set up in Pakistan and a seller account was opened on Amazon.

Finally, on May 6, 2021, Amazon added Pakistan to its approved Sailor List, which is a great pleasure for our country, as it will further develop our country.

Now the question arises, where will we get the products that we will sell on our store which we have opened on Amazon through CeleraCount?

Being patriotic, we can take products from our country and sell them on Amazon, but we should not do that, because most of the products that our country makes are goods that cannot be sold abroad. We have to get the goods from China, then we have to send them to Amazon’s warehouses, and then we have to sell them all over the world.

We pay for the goods we store in Amazon’s warehouse. If 60% of the goods are sold within a month, Amazon does not charge us, if not, then it is rented.

These warehouses often have third-party equipment that is sold one by one. This warehouse is about the size of a cricket stadium and is full of equipment. Such warehouses exist in many countries of the world.

People prefer a warehouse in the UK or the US because their language is English. If you speak German, you can keep your belongings in a German warehouse.

If you want to do this business on Amazon, first you have to understand it, we have two expert master trainers in Pakistan, successful Amazon businessmen who are giving Amazon training, and are at the forefront of serving their country Pakistan. ۔

One is Sir Sunny Ali and the other is Sir Saqib Azhar. First join their training classes and then start your own Amazon business.

Whenever you start a business, always start on a small scale. Never invest all your savings in it, invest the money you have in excess of your use in the business and also keep it in backup so that it can be used in difficult times.

Amazon FBA means that you place your goods in an Amazon warehouse for which you pay a small fee, the warehouse owner packs the order and sends it to the buyer himself. The cost is borne by the warehouse owner himself. Yes, you do not have to worry, Amazon does all the work on your behalf. Your product is also sold, and you make a profit at home.

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